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Selected Sites Designed and Launched

Calligraphy by Candace Avery
Westlake Village, CA

John Bardin, LLC.com
Right Hand Drive Dual Controls
Pine Bush, NY
John Bardin

Buck's Homestead B&B
Montgomery, NY
Host: Joan Buck Smith

Antiques & Gifts
Montgomery, NY

Orange Lake, New York

Local History Author & Historian
New Paltz, NY

Christmas Trees & B&B
Slate Hill, NY
B&B open all year!

Hosts: Rich & Natalie Onorati

Home of
the Historical Society of Walden &
the Wallkill Valley--Walden, NY

Cadwallader Colden
Devoted to everything Colden
in Coldenham, NY

Earlier sites developed at RAND

CHIC --Community Health
Improvement Collaborative
RAND, Los Angeles, CA

Community Engagement &
Partnership Conference
, July 2006-- RAND, UCLA & other Universities,
Santa Monica & Los Angeles


The Wellness Site
Draft for a RAND/UCLA Project

Sloat Family History
Draft Genealogy Site

Consider an original new site or redesign. As AdProse, I can provide original photography, charts & graphs, text or edits to make your site shine, along with creating a new Blog and Facebook pages. Changes are prompt and I am as close as your phone or e-mail.

A web presence can save you money with the added green benefit of not having to reprint materials every time something changes. A win-win all around!

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Gail Yeaple

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Web Design --
Concept through Completion!

e-mail: gyeaple@adprose.org

On a personal note: Special Thanks to the following individuals and companies who made moving this year quite smooth!


To all my family and friends who put up with me during a year of searching and searching...

Thank You!

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