• Illuminations
  • Inspirations
  • Metallics

“Illuminations” and “Inspirations” were my first two greeting card lines and, more recently, “Metallics.” The idea for the cards stemmed from my two passions: art and wisdom. The fact that I could combine both was the motivation for doing the three series of cards.

“Illuminations” is primarily made up of informal illuminated letters that are colorful with added touches of 23 karat gold. The title of this series came from a play on the word “illuminate” for the illumination from the wisdom in the sayings used and the gold which “illuminates” the card.

“Inspirations” contains watercolor floral patterns with philosophical sayings as well as more generic sayings for special occasions and holidays.

“Metallics” is a collection of 5 x 7" and 5x 5" cards that are a real departure from the previous two series. They are ethereal

in appearance with colorful backgrounds and lots of metallic media– like gold powder, silver and gold leaf, and metallic acrylics. Their magical look comes from my imagination and is inspired by the words or sayings used in the cards.

The samples of greeting cards shown on my website are not for sale, but rather are an inspiration to your imagination for a card you may want to create for someone special or a set of boxed cards that would be a one-of-a-kind work of art. You may also find my greeting cards at Seasons located in Westlake Village, California, as well as other fine stationery stores in Southern California.

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