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CHIC investigators are conducting a number of ongoing funded diabetes projects, which serve as important resources for this proposal's infrastructure development activities.

Over 200,000 Americans die from diabetes-related complications each year. Adults with diabetes die from heart disease at rates two to four times higher than those without diabetes. An estimated 17 million Americans suffer from the disease, over a third of whom may remain undiagnosed. In California, diabetes incidence has doubled in the past decade. Forty percent of those diagnosed with diabetes in Los Angeles County are Hispanic. The largest increases in older Americans in coming decades will be among non-whites, particularly Latinos. Rates for type 2 diabetes are 2-5 times greater for Latinos than the general population, there is higher mortality from diabetes among Latinos, and Latinos have earlier onset and more severe forms of the disease. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) emphasized the importance of self-management programs for achieving diabetes control. While a third to half of Americans with diabetes have poor glycemic control (HbA1c >8.0%), this proportion is higher among minorities. Only about a third of people with diabetes receive diabetes education. Culturally appropriate support and education programs for Mexican-American diabetics can improve glucose control, but average HbA1c levels may remain high and disparities in risk for diabetes persist despite development of such programs.

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