The Community Health Improvement Collaboration: Building Community-Academic Partnerships to Reduce Disparities

Ethnicity and Disease, Volume 16, No 1, Supplement 1, January 2006

--Keith C. Norris

Building an Academic-Community Partnered
Network for Clinical Services Research:
The Community Health Improvement
Collaborative (CHIC)

--Kenneth B. Wells, Anne Staunton, Keith C. Norris
and the CHIC Council: Ricky Bluthenthal, Bowen
Chung, Lillian Gelberg, Loretta Jones, Sheryl
Kataoka, Paul Koegel, Jeanne Miranda,
Carol M. Mangione, Kavita Patel, Michael
Rodriguez, Martin Shapiro, Marleen Wong

Witness for Wellness: Preliminary
Findings from a Community-Academic
Participatory Research Mental
Health Initiative

--Ricky N. Bluthenthal, Loretta Jones, Nicole
Fackler-Lowrie, Marcia Ellison, Theodore Booker,
Felica Jones, Sharon McDaniel, Moraya Moini,
Kamau R. Williams, Ruth Klap, Paul Koegel,
Kenneth B. Wells




Innovative Approaches to Obtaining
Community Feedback in the
Witness for Wellness Experience

--Kavita K. Patel, Paul Koegel, Ted Booker,
Loretta Jones, Kenneth Wells

Supporting Wellness through Policy and
Advocacy: A Case History of a Working
Group in a Community Partnership
Initiative to Address Depression

--Susan Stockdale, Kavita Patel, Ruthie Gray,
Delores A. Hill, Charla Franklin, Nisaa Madyun

The Building Wellness Project: A Case History
of Partnership, Power, Sharing, and Compromise

--Drew Jones, Charla Franklin, Brittany T. Butler
Pluscedia Williams, Kenneth B. Wells, Michael A.

Talking Wellness: A Description of a Community-
Academic Partnered Project to Engage an
African-American Community around Depression
through the Use of Poetry, Film, and Photography

--Bowen Chung, Charles Edward Corbett, Barbara
Boulet, Janet R. Cummings, Keisha Paxton, Sharon
McDaniel, Sequoia Olivia Mercier, Charla Franklin,
Eric Mercier, Loretta Jones, Barry E. Collins, Paul
Koegel, Naihua Duan, Kenneth B. Wells, Deborah
Glick, the Talking Wellness Group of Witness for

Seeking Community Input to Improve Implementation
of a Lifestyle Modification Program

--Cristina Punzalan, Keisha C. Paxton, Heather Guentzel,
Ricky N. Bluthenthal, Anne D. Staunton, Gloria Mejia,
Leo Morales, Jeanne Miranda

A Community Participatory Research Partnership:
The Development of a Faith-Based Intervention for
Children Exposed to Violence
--Sheryl H. Kataoka, Susan Fuentes, Vincent P. O'Donoghue,
Patricia Castillo-Campos, Antonia Bonilla, Kristie Halsey,
Jorge L. Avila, Kenneth B. Wells

Community-Research Collaboration between Researchers and
Acupuncturists: Integrating a Participatory Research Approach
in a Statewide Survey of Licensed Acupuncturists in California

--Tony Kuo, Rebekah Christensen, Lillian Gelberg,
Lisa Rubenstein, Adam Burke

Developing Systems Interventions in a School Setting: An Application
of Community-Based Participatory Research for Mental Health

Norah E. Mulvaney-Day, Nancy Rappaport, Margarita Alegria,
Leslie M. Codianne

Ethics of Clinical Research Within a Community-Academic Partnered
Participatory Framework

--Donna T. Chen, Loretta Jones, Lillian Gelberg

Assessing Organizational Readiness and Change in Community
Intervention Research: Framework for Participatory Evaluation

--Susan E. Stockdale, Peter Mendel, Loretta Jones, William Arroyo,
Jim Gilmore

Commentary: Challenges for the Field in Overcoming Disparities
through a CBPR Approach

--Nina Wallerstein

Commentary: Building Partnerships between Schools
and Academic Partners to Achieve a Health-Related
Research Agenda
--Marleen Wong

Commentary: Community-Academic Partnership
for Research to Improve Health in Communities:
A Foundation Officer's Perspective
--Constance M. Pechura

Commentary: Community Partnered Research:
Driving Sensemaking, Managing Knowledge,
and Moving Mental Health Care to New Heights
--Junius J. Gonzales, Carmen Moten