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Healthy African American Families II, Inc.

HAAF has recently enjoyed an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in health disparities, particularly in the areas of infant mortality and diabetes, with a wide and diverse Southern California radio audience. Through the invitation of 89.3 KPCC public radio at Pasadena City College, I participated in two live-broadcast discussions during the station's feature week, "Health Gap." To learn more about the programs, the station and other panelists in the discussions, please visit the link included below. Thank you for your interest. Loretta Jones, Healthy African African Families II, Inc.

For Audio and more information, please go to 89.3 KPCC Health Week


Excerpts from KPCC Public Radio and KPCC's Website...

Talk of the City -- Fighting Black Infant Mortality
The Infant mortality rate among African-Americans in California is still twice that of whites. An exploration of efforts to address the problem.

Online resources:
Maternal and Child Health Library
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fact Sheet
American Public Health Association Fact Sheet


Talk of the City -- The Diabetes Crisis in the Latino and African-American Communities
Diabetes is rampant in these communities, and many can't afford the expensive medications to manage the disease. What's being done to help people cope?

Online resources:
American Diabetes Association: Provides helpful information about management, prevention, nutrition, and research
California Diabetes Association
Providence St. Joseph Diabetic Foot Center
California Diabetes Program