Cadwallader Colden,
Local Colonial-Era Resident

4 Cadwallader Colden Home--larger images

Cadwallader Colden Mansion (PDF)

Before falling to ruin as pictured on page 51 of the book, Concise History of Orange County, by Reverend A. E. Corning, 1946. The date of the picture isn't listed. The area known today as Coldenham, New York. A portion of the stone walls still stand near the intersection of 17K and Stone Castle Road.

Cadwallader Colden's stone home.

Colden Home--photo: Historic Houses of The Hudson Valley, Eberlein and Hubbard, Bonanza Books, NY; 1942




Colden Home Ruin, photographed in 1979
Photo-Gail Yeaple



The ruins of Cad Colden's home, 1999
Photos-Gail Yeaple


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