Prepared for The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA.
Most were 6' x 4' finished size, vinyl. View PDFs at links

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"Does Participation in a Collaborative Improve Quality of Care for Diabetes?" June 2003.

"Improving Care for Co-Occurring Disorders in Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment," November 2003

"Evaluating Potential Mode Effects in the Group-Level Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey (G-CAHPS),"
June 2004

"The Utility and Cost-Utility of Treatments for Major Depression," June 2005

"Social Support as an Explanation for Differential Effects of a Depression Quality Improvement Program for Men and Women," June 2005


Examples of PowerPoint slide presentations...View PDFs at links

Prepared for AdProse client, Master
Works Designs: Logo design, stationary, and
business presentation

Local History Day Slide Presentation
Historical Society of Walden and the Wallkill Valley, 2009

Slide Show prepared at the Rand Corporation